Please do not email any documents. We will send you a Dropbox folder and you will upload them into that
folder. We will be needing these initial set of documents for each borrower:

1.        Social Security Card
2.        Driver’s license.

        Standard Income requirement:  

3.        Paystubs – last month.
4.        Award letter if social security income, disability or pension.
5.        W2 – 2015
6.        W2 – 2014
7.        Tax return – 2015
8.        Tax return – 2014


9.         Bank Statements - last month.
10.       Bank Statement – month prior to last
11.       Retirement / Investment account - last quarterly statement.
12.       100% access letter if you have a joint bank account and the other signor is not on the loan
        indicating  you are authorized to use 100% of the funds. Use the enclosed form.

If part of your down payment or closing costs are a gift:

13.       Gift Letter for the funds you will get from your Donor. Use form from dropbox
14.       Gift Funds: Evidence of Withdrawal of Funds from Donor’s Account.
15.       Gift Funds: Evidence of Receipt of Transfer of Funds.


         Contract escrow deposit:
16.       Evidence of Withdrawal of Funds from your Account after the check or wire was made.
17.       Evidence of Receipt of Transfer of Funds if wire, copy of cancelled check if check
18.       Executed contract between you and the seller.

19.      Credit Card form to be used to order appraisal is in Dropbox. Please fill in, print and sign.

20.      Letter of explanation for all credit inquiries that show on your credit report over the past 120 days.  

21.      Letter of explanation for all derogatory information: what happened

22.      Preliminary Closing Disclosure. Please ask the title agency that you selected to provide an itemization
of         fees a/k/a “prelim CD”. Their fees must be entered into the Loan Estimate.

23.      Hazard Insurance. Please shop as soon as you get the wind mitigation report from your inspector.
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