" I have sold real estate for 19 years. Time and time again I was let down by mortgage companies the day of
closing. This left my clients feeling crushed and enraged because the interest rate or closing costs were higher
than what they were told, or by failing to close altogether due to my
clients not qualifying for financing. This is what drove me to become a Mortgage Loan Originator.

Over the years working with lots of borrowers wanting to buy a house, having the savings but
not enough to purchase, I went on to create the Closing Cost Assistance Program (C.C.A.P.)
where most of the settlement charges (closing costs) were paid for them. The company I

was working with quickly shut the program down for producing
low company revenue, and this is what inspired me to open Bluecastle Lending in 2016."


Bluecastle Lending LLC services the State of Florida, with the primary objective to
deliver the most affordable settlement charges in combination with the lowest rates in
the market at little or no cost to the borrower. As a full service lending company,
Bluecastle offers instant pre-approvals, timely closings and 24 hour underwriting
from loan submission.

Bluecastle Lending offers a wide variety of products including FHA, VA, Conforming Loans and Jumbo loans.
In addition, our unique lender portfolio loan products will appeal to borrowers who may have a unique
situation that does not meet conventional underwriting guidelines, such as Stated Income loans, 24 month
bank statement programs as a source of income, and one day out of foreclosure/short sale and bankruptcy.

Our mission is to provide our clients with products and sercices tailored to meet their specific needs at the best
rates possible, while providing the highest quality of customer service. We emplower our employees by providing
them with the tools, knowledge and support in order to provide their clients with the qualify of service they

By consistently meeting and exceeding our client's needs, we strive to become the standard for excellence in the
mortgage industry.

Alex Baglioni NMLS# is 1405103
Bluecastle Lending NMLS# is 1463069
Alex Baglioni
Owner of Bluecastle Lending
Equal Opportunity Lender
Florida Closing Cost Assistance - CCAP